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Annabel Knight

Phone: 027 446 1511

417 McLaren Falls Rd, Tauranga


Welcome to Muddyfootprints

Muddyfootprints provides an exclusive boarding service for your dog, and other pets (no cats sorry).  We provide kennel free boarding with the dogs sleeping and living inside a room attached to the house, so that they can be involved in our daily lives.

The dogs have a very large paddock to play and run around in. Small and elderly dogs are in a seperate area to the larger, younger and more energetic dogs!


Other small pets such as rats, mice, birds, lizards etc are cared for and live inside, well away from the dogs!  Guinea pigs and rabbits can also be housed inside if need be otherwise they have outside cages.


We aim to treat your dog or other pet with loving and indivdual care and attention.  It is my aim to make your pet as happy and comfortable as if they were still in their own home.  


Whenever I went away on holiday the hardest part was leaving my pets.  I was always concerned that they would be looked after with the same love and care that I gave them.  Leaving the chickens, sheep, pigs, goats, cows etc was hard but leaving my dog was always the hardest.  I can relate to how concerned owners are to ensure that their pet is going to get the best care and treatment when they are away.  So, I do really try to provide a home away from home for your pet with the best care possible.


Have a look at Muddyfootprints Facebook to see some of the pets that stay and the things we get up to.






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