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Annabel Knight

Phone: 027 446 1511

417 McLaren Falls Rd, Tauranga


Muddyfootprints (417 McLaren Falls Rd, Tauranga) provides kennel free boarding for your dog (someone said to me that Muddyfootprints is like Air B&B for dogs!).  We provide a loving environment where the dogs are housed in a large room attached to the rest of our house, as well as having plenty of space outdoors to run around in.  My aim is to do my very best to create "a home away from home" for your dog.
The dogs staying at Muddyfootprints roam in and out of their living area as they please, there are NO kennels that they are shut away in.  Our exclusive treatment means that your dog will be free to do as they choose, have toys and other dogs to play with, and will receive lots of pats, cuddles and attention.    
Small and elderly dogs are kept seperate to bigger dogs.  They have their own room and paddock to play or potter around in.
I like to play music that dogs find calming and relaxing, so apart from specialised calming music for dogs Reggae will also be played (scientifically proven that dogs find Reggae relaxing!).  Essential oils are dotted around to help provide a calm and relaxed environment.  There is a TV and a DVD player so that movies can be played for the dogs.
The number of dogs that I choose to take for boarding is limited so that I can provide that extra special care and attention that Muddyfootprints offers.
Muddyfootprints caters for dogs of all ages and breeds (excluding dangerous breeds) and for everyone's safety and enjoyment there are certain requirements before a dog can be accepted for boarding.........
- the dog must be completely social and non-aggressive around all dogs and all people under all circumstances. 
- the dog must be spayed or neutered once it is older than 6 months.
- the dog must not be excessive barker (this upsets our neighbours and the other dogs).
- the dog must be fully vaccinated.
It is always a good idea to bring your some of your dog's own bedding just so that they feel even more at home.  If that is not possible we do have plenty of beds and blankets.  
Pricing:     $35 per night (if you supply your dog's own special diet)                
                  $60 per night for two dogs ($60 from 1st June)
                  There is a 50% non-refundable deposit to secure your booking for public holidays, Christmas/New Year.                                       
Drop off/pick up and visiting hours are 8:30-10:00am and 4:30-6:00pm.  There is a half day charge of $20, if you drop your dog off in the morning of one day and pick him/her up in the afternoon of another day.
Muddyfootprints is located at 417 McLaren Falls Rd, Tauranga.

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